Exit Interview; Western Watersheds Project’s Jon Marvel


For anyone who knows Jon Marvel, the current executive director of the Western Watershed Project, it would seem inconceivable he would voluntarily relinquish his role as the primary advocate for the land protection organization. Since its founding twenty years, Marvel, who helped create the Project, has been the public face of one of the most tenacious, and at times, unpopular land conservation groups operating in the Western United States.

And yet Marvel has given formal word that he will be stepping down this year as chief executive officer once a suitable replacement has been identified and recruited. In his interview with the Keystone, the Hailey resident reflects on some of the accomplishments of WWP during his tenure, as well as a strong defense of using litigation as a primary tool to protect Idaho’s public lands. He also minces no words in his desire to end sheep farming in the West and the generous grazing subsidies offered to ranchers.

The video is about eight minutes long.

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  1. Robert Brister says:

    Well put, Jon! Thank you for leading the charge against livestock damage to public lands. I trust Western Watersheds Project’s next director will be as hard core as you.

  2. Kevin Jamison says:


    I am greatly saddened to learn that Jon is stepping down. I have been there as much as I could from the very beginning when I read he had a plan to bid on State endowment land grazing permits to retire them from grazing. The idea hit me like a ton of bricks: BRILLIANT! A legitimate and actionable way to fight back against this wanton destruction on and of the western landscape.

    These arrogant privileged few who dominate the discussion in local, regional and national media with “The Marlboro Man Mystique” must be held accountable to what they are doing. What a crock of bull@$@#, literally.


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