Final Fantasy characters return to Kingdom Hearts in KH3: ReMind DLC

Final Fantasy characters return to Kingdom Hearts in KH3: ReMind DLC


One of the grumblings around Kingdom Hearts 3 was the astonishing nonappearance of Final Fantasy characters. A feature of past games has been battling with or against any semblance of Cloud Strife, Yuffie and Auron, so it was a genuine disillusionment that none showed up in the hotly anticipated continuation. In any case, Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind, the game’s first DLC bundle, hopes to fix that.

Square Enix transferred another trailer to the game throughout the end of the week yet then promptly brought it down. Lamentably for the gaming goliath, venturesome netizens had the option to catch and download duplicates of the trailer. In addition to other things, it indicated the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 characters Aerith and Yuffie, just as Final Fantasy 8’s Squall (or Leon, as he’s known in the Kingdom Hearts universe).

Realm Hearts 3: ReMind was initially scheduled for a 2019 discharge. Different distributions, including GamesRadar and EuroGamer, report that Square Enix’s erased post included two discharge dates: Jan. 23, 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and Feb. 25 for Xbox One.

The trailer has some Kingdom Hearts 3 spoilers yet, since that game’s story was so tangled, it’s hard to observe a lot. The DLC seems like a great deal of fun however, with some fiendish looking supervisor fights that see you play as Sora, Riku and Kairi.

Last Fantasy’s arrival to Kingdom Hearts will be a decent warmup to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which dispatches on March 3, 2020.