Studio head says PS5 Will Be More Fun Than PS4, Confirms Developer

Studio head says PS5 Will Be More Fun Than PS4, Confirms Developer


The Playstation  5 will now not most effective be a groundbreaking console for gamers, however it’ll also be a effective tool for builders, consistent with the pinnacle of the studio behind action platformer Tamarin. In an interview with gaming bolt, chameleon games studio head Omar Sawi become enthusiastic about the PS 5’s move from a hard-disk power to a stable-state pressure. The SSD, consistent with Sawi, will permit developers to take their thoughts off hardware regulations at some point of the process of making video games.

“This is great,” Sawi told Gaming Bolt about the PlayStation 5’s SSD. The studio head said that it was difficult to hide long loading times in current-generation consoles, with levels needed to be designed in such a way so that players will not be bored by loading screens.

 “An SSD would make it easier to focus on what is the most fun,” Sawi said. He added that part of what makes action games pleasurable is “having everything being very immediate and responsive.” This starts with responsive character controls and high frame rates, “but it also extends to how the game starts and everything happening in between.”

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