Otterbox made a 'bacteria-killing' screen protector for your phone

Otterbox made a ‘bacteria-killing’ screen protector for your phone


Face it, your phone screen is grimy. Consider every one of those occasions you messaged from the can or looked through Instagram while riding the metro – those streaks on your screen aren’t simply schmutz, they’re rearing reason for microscopic organisms. Yet, that is the place Otterbox’s Amplify Glass Anti-Microbial comes in.

Otterbox cooperated with Corning to build up the EPA-enrolled antimicrobial innovation. “Enhance Glass currently includes exclusive enemy of microbial innovation that stifles the development of a few basic stains and scent making microscopic organisms ensure the outside of the screen protector,” OtterBox CEO Jim Parke clarified in a discharge.

Not just that, the screens offer allegedly up to five-times more noteworthy scratch opposition than standard soft drink lime glass. The screen defenders will be good with Otterbox’s determination of cases just as most recent gen iPhones when they hit showcase sooner rather than later.